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A New Reformation - Resources

The New Reformation encourages our Evangelical Churches, Denominations and Seminaries to become involved in cover-to-cover chronological Bible reading.  However, what if an individual wanted to read through the Bible?  Here are some resources:

Reading Plan

Here is a link to a Chronological Bible Reading Plan that will go through the Bible in a year. The Team recommends the chronological reading of Scriptures - and we offer reasoning for this method.  However, we understand that cover-to-cover reading can be accomplished using different methods.  A number of different cover-to-cover plans are also mentioned on this link.

Audio Bible Reader

Some on our Team find it helpful to listen to an audio reading of the Bible.  If your tendency is to get distracted or “hung up” after a few verses, listening to an audio reader during the reading time is a good way to keep your focus.  The link below has several audio read translations.   They have an app - clip below - for your cell phone.  Works great!

Help from Your Church

Work with your Church!  Start up a reading group.  It helps to travel with others who are taking the same journey.   As we have discussed herein, we have found help in our reading journey on innumerable occasions from the sermons and teachings our Church provides.   Indeed, some in our Team have started on the reading journey as a result of a suggestion from others in the Church 

Study Bible / Concordance

Get a Study Bible.  Here are some good ones:

  • Reformation Study Bible
  • New Geneva Study Bible
  • ESV Study Bible
  • The Gospel Transformation Bible

Also, a good Concordance could be very helpful.  Below is a link to various concordances:

The Covenants

Here is a quote from one of  the links below: “The biblical covenants form the unifying thread of God’s saving action through Scripture, beginning explicitly with Noah and reaching fulfillment in the new covenant ratified through the blood of Jesus Christ.”  These articles provide contrasting views of His Covenants.  It is a complex subject.  When you are reading through the Bible, keep in mind that we have a Covenant keeping Creator.

A Chart of the Kings

A quote from the link below: “One challenging point in history is the divided kingdoms of Israel (the 10 northern tribes) and Judah (the 2 southern tribes). What makes it challenging when reading straight through the Bible [in chronological order] is that the history is covered in 1 and 2 Kings and then again in 1 and 2 Chronicles. In the midst of these kingdoms, several prophets are sent by God. Some of these prophets only have their words recorded in Kings or Chronicles, while others have their words recorded elsewhere in the Bible (usually the book name is the prophet’s name).”   We agree!  This is a helpful chart when you start moving through the complicated period of the Kings.

Other Ministries that Provide Bible Reading Help

There are a number of allied Ministries that provide Bible Reading Resources.  We appreciate their supporting and complementary efforts: 

Ligonier Ministries

For more than fifty years, Ligonier has served the church by producing trustworthy discipleship resources that are rooted in the historic Christian faith. Some on our New Reformation Team use a Chronological Bible Reading Plan that was downloaded from their website.

The Gospel Coalition  

The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.  They have a “Read the Bible” ministry and newsletter which contains many ideas and approaches which are useful in the New Reformation. Below is their website followed by related articles:

The Gideons  

The Gideons have distributed millions of Bibles over the years - and are supported by many in our Churches.  The Bibles they distribute contain a section at the beginning of each Bible called “Help in Time of Need” or “Help with Life's Problems”.  This is a different Bible reading approach than we advocate in the New Reformation, but these are very helpful scripture selections for those who are seeking or struggling.  This selection of Bible verses and this approach for their evangelistic ministry is entirely appropriate and has been a blessing to many over the years.  The Gideons are welcome to use any thoughts or ideas we have presented herein if they find them helpful with their very fine Ministry.

The Navigators         

Among their many ministry involvements, Navigators is involved in promoting scripture memory.  Many in our Churches have use resources from the Navigators including some on our Team. Memorization is a powerful way to learn and understand the Scriptures. The Navigators are welcome to use any thoughts or ideas we have presented herein if they find them helpful with their very fine Ministry.

Wycliffe Bible Translators         

For more then 75 years, Wycliffe has helped people around the world translate the Bible into their own languages.  Below we discuss the need for Bible reading plans and associated teachings be developed for a number of groups which includes "the seeker including those from other nations".  Wycliffe Bible Translators could play a big role in our New Reformation.

A Need for Various Reading Plans and Complimentary Teachings to be Developed

We use multiple approaches when we do our daily reading of the Bible - all the learning styles or approaches are used. For example, we sometimes read along on our cell phones via the Bible App - or we follow along in our own Bibles. We also listen to the readings.  

We have suggested that chronological cover-to-cover Bible reading plans be developed for a number of different situations and groups - a full Bible read, a family Bible read, a plan those new in the cover-to-cover journey, plans for those in assisted living, plans for the seeker, plans those from other nations, plans for the incarcerated, etc.  

To compliment our reading of the Bible and the various plans we are advocating to be developed, it would be helpful to have associated and focused daily (or periodic as appropriate) teachings - offered in the formats appropriate for all the different learning styles - for all of these various plans.  This would involve developing - for each plan - a cell phone or computer screen read of the teachings from the web or via App.  A downloadable version of these teachings for saving to file or for printing would also be needed.  Audio readings of the teachings would be required.  The teachings might also be offered in book form.  

As an example for a specific group of people - it would be helpful to have associated and focused teachings developed for each day in a reading plan designed for those in assisted living - covering all the learning styles and considering the unique needs of this group.  

Finally, the one year read will likely remain the favorite for those on the Team - but we recognize that the length of the journey should be an area for examination. Plans of shorter or longer time frames could be developed to address varying situations or groups.   

It's a huge undertaking.  Would our Seminaries be up to the task?  Could our Denominations help?


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