New Reformation - Discussion

 Welcome to the New Reformation! (We update this blog from time to time for your information. To find out our Core Beliefs and Strategy, Bible Reading Resources, and Who We Are - Click on the Items under the "Pages to our New Reformation" above.  If you wish to contact us we may be reached at Here is a Summary of the New Reformation: Our evangelical churches, denominations and seminaries favor Bible reading, but do not, in general, promote chronological cover-to-cover reading of the Scriptures.  Members involved in chronological cover-to-cover reading frequently need to use resources outside of the church and denomination to read through the Bible (We used sources outside our church and denomination to obtain the reading plan we use).  The New Reformation will seek to make chronological cover-to-cover Bible reading a primary emphasis in our Evangelical Churches, Denominations and Seminaries.  This will be done by: o             Building commitment t